Wing Wing

1. Best Available Seating
2. Save Money – Beat the Price Change
3. No Waiting In Line at the Box Office
4. Groups of 10+ Get a Discount of $2 Off per Ticket
5. What a Spectacular Place to be on New Years Eve


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Get your USO pics here!
Dancin’ Dave has a way for you
to get your High Resolution pics from the
Stars and Stripes USO Show at the Coliseum.
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The Legendary George “Shorty” Snowden and his partner Big Bea in 1937. He was a first Generation Lindy Hopper first captured on film in the 1920’s in the short “After Seven”.
Shorty George is not only credited for giving the dance it’s name “The Lindy Hop” but also the name in which the Jazz vernacular step “the shorty george” came from.
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This commercial for Gap Khakis from 1998 helped propel swing music back into the mainstream and publicized the swing revival of the late 90’s (of which we are currently a part of).

Joel Plys, Gina Helfrich, Crista Seipp doing the Tranky Doo at Swing Dance USA 2010